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If you’re a Talent Acquisition/Talent Management expert or have passion for helping people live a happier, healthier, and productive life, we want to hear from you!


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Our articles are targeted at 3 main audiences:

  • Talent Acquisition Leaders
  • Recruiters & Sourcers
  • Talent Management Executives

We love sharing articles on the following three topics:

  1. how to become the best in one’s craft
  2. how to increase productivity in the workplace
  3. how to live a happy life beyond work

Our articles are shared weekly via email with hundreds of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management professionals that may very well have an interest in learning more about you and/or your business after reading your value-driven articles.


We would love to hear about one thing you are doing extremely well to get massive results at work and/or in life. Write as if you’re telling a story. Highlight lessons learned or successes derived from that story. Also, guide your readers with simple steps to implement that one thing if they so desire and finally, share your fantastic results.

Please note: we’re not looking for “should-do” type articles. We’re only interested in featuring your authentic story so readers can relate to you and your struggles/challenges because we would love you to inspire our readers to make their lives better!


Please express your interest by emailing to help@recruitfastmedia.com with the subject line Interested in Contributing My Thought Leadership.  We will then advise you of next steps.


  • Length: 1-2 Pages, 700-1200 words
  • Tone: Be personal – Try to use a unique voice in your writing to connect with readers as much as possible
  • Practicality: Write with purpose and clear actionable steps. The reader should come away with tips that they can apply right away
  • Use research and quote experts: Try and back up any claims and facts by linking to studies and mentioning research
  • Bio and promotion: Please include your photo and brief bio which will be featured on each article