I was recently approached to develop a blog post for Recruit Fast Media on the topic of speaking about the one thing I am doing extremely well to get massive results at work and/or in life. I don’t know about “massive results” at least not in the short term, but there is one particular thing I do that I feel makes a great difference.

I was an 80’s kid. Memories of my youth consist of those times building snow forts, riding my bike in the lanes and playing hide and seek in the streets with my friends. My mom would open the door and out we’d go for most of the day with a curfew of being back before dark. I had my first cell phone when I was 16, the age at which I had a job and was able to pay for it myself. This was the only electronic device I owned, mostly for emergency situations and Twitter and Facebook were not even ideas yet so I had the benefit of never ending up on a YouTube channel for fails of people falling into sinkholes so oblivious since they’re texting and walking at the same time.

Fast forward to today and most people have accounts on at least three different social media platforms, they carry just as many electronic devices at once and life would cease to exist if you take away these toys for just 1 day, for some just 1 hour. There is a constant 24-hour connection to a vast cyber world that it seems people have forgotten basic communication skills such as picking up a phone or better yet, actually walking over to the desk next to theirs to have an actual conversation with real words physically coming out of their mouth.

I used to work for an organization whose corporate culture was built on the motto, “Be Here Now.”
 The idea was that no matter where are you are or what you’re doing, be exactly where you are, be in that moment and live that experience with your absolute undivided attention, not just at work, but in your personal life too. This corporate motto really resonated with me and this is my one thing I think I do well.

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I come to work and I’m focused with my work hat tightly on, ready to submerse myself in my various projects and tackle whatever employee situation may come my way, but when I get home I have a three-hour window that is completely 100% dedicated to my kids. My phone stays in my purse, not on my kitchen table and when my phone rings, it gets looked at only after dinner, not during it. I take off my work hat and my mom hat comes on and in those three hours I am 100% completely with my family, experiencing their stories, their laughter and being an active part of their lives. Work will still be there at 9pm when they go to bed but the memories and time lost from not “Being Here Now” will have repercussions I will never be able to repair.

There is a saying I came across one day, “People will forget what you say to them but they will never forget the way you make them feel.” If you want big results at work or in life, my advice is to be here now and invest your time and energy into the experiences you feel matter most.

Just because you can multitask doesn’t mean you have to or should. Don’t be that person from the YouTube fail channel.

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