I started blogging back in December 2014. My first blog titled, “where do I start”, was a very fitting introduction to my new world of writing. The minute I decided I was going to start, the words just poured out of my brain so fast my fingers couldn’t keep up.  That’s still the case today when I’m feeling particularly inspired.  Once LinkedIn opened its blogging capabilities to the general public, I read countless pieces of work and thought, I could do that. Then fear set in and I thought; “Am I crazy? I can’t do that.”.

Writing on any public social media forum takes courage.
 Putting yourself out there for public scrutiny, criticism and open confrontation take guts – plain and simple. The question was “Am I ready?”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, it’s not news to you that as recruitment professionals the role of being primary Brand Ambassador for your organization is probably your biggest responsibility and/or opportunity. This means you better be versed and knowledgeable in all things social media related and know how to create a social brand for yourself, which ultimately leads back to your organization.  If you don’t, you may want to contemplate your role as Recruitment Professional.

So back to December 2014. This is the month I decided to step out of my sandbox (comfort zone) and give myself the personal career objective of starting one of the biggest projects of my life: blogging.  Secretly I gave myself the objective of writing 12 blogs, a cadence of 1 per month. I had no idea if I’d even get past one, but I had to start somewhere right? Today I have 17 blogs published on LinkedIn, 2 on Recruit Fast Media (if you count this one) and a collaborative piece in the Huffington post, Isarta and various LinkedIn white papers.

As a result of the success I had through my own writing, I pushed my team to dig deeper into their own creative minds and thus was born the HR blog space on our company career site in 2016. The purpose of the project was for all members of the HR team to write pieces on topics of interest to them relevant to the organization, thus exposing the international feel of our company.

Currently there are 2 published posts on our company’s website, with the 3rd in editing as I type. I knew deep down that having a blog on 2020’s website would provide our future employees with valuable insight on our company culture and vision. Marketing and I became close allies as we worked tirelessly to make it all happen. The first article that I published on our website included insights on 2020s application process. The second was written by my wonderful colleague on the importance of well being at our company.

This initiative albeit in it’s infancy, is a cool way for us to build our brand, engage with future talent and serve as a good outlet for our creative juices.
 We couple our writing with photos of our global offices and real employees and so far this initiative is driving great traffic to our site and possibly giving us a competitive advantage of those companies who don’t pull back their doors to allow talent to get a glimpse of the reality inside.

Internet trolls are everywhere and it’s always easier to criticize than to commend but, a funny thing happens when you turn your back on fear and take a leap of faith out of your personal sandbox. You learn, you grow, and you become the best Brand Ambassador you can be.

I leave you with this thought – if you get the opportunity to contribute your thought leadership through Recruit Fast Media, go for it because it’ll surely enrich your experience and push you to see what’s possible outside of your comfort zone.

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