You know that feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place when your dream candidate tells you that travel is one of their greatest hobbies in life?

Well, we don’t. At JobAdder, we love digital nomads. They possess characteristics that make them valuable assets to our company – boldness, a want to try new things and a tendency to question the status quo, plus a hungriness for knowledge.

Work flexibility for JobAdder is a policy that developed organically as our company expanded and grew, and it’s now deeply ingrained into our culture. With staff working remotely from 12 different cities around the world, we’re proud to provide employees with a flexible work culture that they love, and the rewards of doing so are significant.

Take for example our Customer Support team. As half of the team work remotely, they are able to provide 24/7 support to our clients all over the world across 9 time zones, while building relationships with clients in their own region and still working together as a team.


The JobAdder Bunch!

Nowadays, the desire from employees across all industries to work in a flexible environment – be that where they can work remotely, work from home part-time while caring for a family, or just work flex hours – is becoming the new norm.

From a recruiter or hiring manager’s perspective, it’s a key EVP, as observed first hand by Fancourt People & Culture Managing Director Kate Fancourt, “Candidates want to know about a client’s workplace environment and culture when considering a position now more than ever. It’s no longer just about the salary…”

Remote working allows me to strike a better work/life balance which keeps me satisfied because I get more of what I want out of my non-work life… Because I appreciate this balance so much, that makes me more engaged and motivated to do a great job and make sure I constantly bring value to the company.  – Erin Chmelik, Product Manager at JobAdder.

The inherent problem with working 9 – 5 in a traditional office environment every day is that, for a majority of people, it is not conducive to productivity.

Giving employees the opportunity to achieve a work/life balance through workplace flexibility ultimately results in better results from happier staff.

It also demonstrates trust between employee and employer, motivating staff to work their hardest, as Erin touches on.

People ask me if it’s hard to maintain my job while traveling and the answer is actually no, because the work brings a structure to my life (even if I’m hopping from place to place). – Erin Chmelik, Product Manager at JobAdder.

Being part of a flexible team forces a group to stay connected.

By default of not working on the same synchronised schedule every day, teams that incorporate flexible working practices implement regular times to connect that add structure to their working lives and strengthens communication within the group.

At JobAdder, we use an array of web-based tools that allow us to stay agile and connected, such as Slack, Trello and Find out more about some of the tools we use here.

The ability for staff to work remotely has enabled the Support team to provide 24 hour support – it’s allowed us to set up team members where needed and not have to worry about the the cost of setting up a whole new office or even hiring new staff in a different location. We’ve also been able to retain staff by offering them new challenges and adventures. – Jez Louise, Support Manager at JobAdder.

Staff who resign from jobs in order to travel or relocate overseas make up a portion of every company’s employee turnover rate.

JobAdder’s flexible work practices mean that we don’t give employees an ultimatum to choose between working and travelling, which makes them want to stay with us. In turn, this means we can hold on to highly-qualified staff who have been with the business for years and know our product best.

Ultimately, flexibility in the workplace results in employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, and continues to be a great success for JobAdder!

What are some other benefits of having a flexible work culture?

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