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How to recruit top talent using Pinterest

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After watching this video training, you’ll be able to recruit top talent using Pinterest!

Product Description

Most recruiters continue to ignore the possibilities of Pinterest as a talent attraction pool – despite the fact that there are 72.8 million unique users as of April 2015. Effective recruiters know that to attract and secure talent, you need to be where the talent is – and with Pinterest’s growing popularity and visual presence, it’s use as a recruitment tool is without doubt. This presentation will help you understand how to build and market your Recruiter brand on Pinterest – how to engage with talent and demonstrate your expertise as a recruiter in your market, industry and field. Through the strategic use of Pinterest boards, we will focus on engagement and posting of opportunities to increase talent attraction. In this presentation, you will walk away with an understanding and knowledge of how to make Pinterest work for you to build your brand as the recruiter to connect with for both clients and candidates.

Key Takeaways from this video training:

  • How to Effectively Create and Market your Recruiter Brand on Pinterest.
  • How to build relevant boards for Pinterest users.
  • How to increase shares and likes of your boards and pins.
  • How to market opportunities.
  • When to post, what to post and how to post.


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