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Building a Strong Employment Brand Through Instagram

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After watching this video, you’ll be able to build a magnetic employment brand for your company through Instagram!

Product Description

During this video training, Recruitment Manager and social media enthusiast, Amy Hamdorff, will teach you how to use Instagram to build a strong employment brand. You’ll learn why companies are using Instagram to build upon their employment brand and how to attract and retain top talent with the use of creative content and a simple hashtag. The workshop includes exercises on your smartphone or tablet, where you’ll learn how to create content that stands out from the crowd.

Key Takeaways from this video:

  • Simple ideas to build your content strategy.
  • Understand the importance of branded hashtags.
  • Learn how to monitor the impact and success of your content.
  • Tips for using Instagram to engage with new and existing candidates.
  • Practical exercises with opportunity for feedback: use your smartphone or tablet.


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